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Smartheart Puppy Power Pack

Smartheart Puppy Power Pack
Smartheart Puppy Power Pack

- Rich in energy for the dogs that regularly exercise.

- Rich in source of quality protein which supports the development of the muscular system.

- L-Carnitine helps to increase fat metabolism to build muscle mass.

- Omega 6 for healthy skin.

- Healthy immune system.

- Healthy digestive system.

Ingredients: Rice, Poultry powder, Chicken fat, Gluten corn powder, Soy powder, Whole-dried chicken eggs, Sugar beet powder, Vitamins & minerals, Dried yeast, Antioxidant.

Nutritional ingredients:

Protein At least 32%
Fat At least 22%
Fiber Up to 3.5%
Moisture Up to 10%
ME   3400 kcal/kg

Packaging: 1kg,3kg,10kg, 20kg.

Origin: Thailand

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in cool and dry place

Shelf life: 18 Months