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Smartheart Adult Roast Beef Flavour

Smartheart Adult Roast Beef Flavour
Smartheart Adult Roast Beef Flavour

- Enhancement of brain development : DHA (from fish oil) and Colin (from lecithin) enhance brain development and nervous system functions.

- Help the heart be healthy: Omega-3 fatty acid from fish oil for a healthy heart.

- Strengthen the immune system: Vitamin E and Selenium help strengthen the immune system.

- Healthy digestive system: With easy-to-digest ingredients, the product helps to absorb nutrients in a optimal manner.

- Healthy skin and hair: Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids balance and ensure healthy skin and shiny hair.

- Healthy bones and teeth: Calcium and Phosphorus make hip bones strong and make teeth healthy.

Ingredients: : Adult dogs require a balanced and adequate nutrition to bring them good health and condition. SmartHeart food for adult dogs can meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs using the best quality ingredients, adding fish oil (rich in DHA and Omega- 3 fatty acid) and Lecithin which is rich in Colin, helping enhance the development of brain and nervous system functions, enhance cardiovascular health.

Nutritional ingredients:

Protein At least 23%
Fat At least 8%
Fiber Up to 4%
Moisture Up to 10%
ME   3400 kcal/kg

Packaging: 500gm, 1.5Kg, 3Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg.

Origin: Thailand

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in cool and dry place

Shelf life: 18 Months